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The Venerable Sydney's Remarkable Nightmare

One early morning in the year 2011, one very desperate young mother woke me and my wife up. This was during our holiday in Nigeria. The young mother had a very sick baby girl in her arms. The baby was suffering from acute Malaria which had far advanced. This was complicated by diarrhea – the child was dehydrated. The helpless mother brought the sick baby (only 2 years of age) to me, because since I am a Priest and also a biology professor, she thought I would help her baby.

But I was not a physician.

My degree was a PhD in Biology. However, I did my best to help. I quickly got on some dressed, rushed to my car with the young mother and her sick baby to take them to the nearest hospital.

The road was so bad and the nearest hospital so far that by the time we arrived in the hospital, the sick baby girl was pronounced dead in my arms: An experience that will forever remain with me.

This should not happen again, this initiative can help save the lives of our little children.